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Webcast – Cybeready – Cyber Security Trainings

Webcast – Cybeready – Cyber Security Trainings

On July 7th, 2020 we had a global online session with many participants from all over the world. Specifically, this is a very topical issue, namely phishing attacks on companies. Cybeready the manufacturer and our partner, provides this autonomous solution for cyber security training presents its unique product with the co-founder „Mike Polastek“ and gives exclusive impressions of how the solution works. The solution works to 100% autonomously and covers all areas for cyber security training that you can imagine. The aim of this solution is to raise awareness of threatening emails among employees. The platform creates and sends the messages automatically. In addition, each individual employee receives the right message at the right time, this is selected based on an artificial intelligence that, among other things. Language, department, location, cultural circumstances and much more are taken into account. All companies using this solution saw a significant reduction in the click rate in relation to phishing mails. But the solution goes far beyond phishing simulations. For example, Cybeready offers also the provision of further safety tips and event-driven support that are available in the form of offline media. And the best part is that the platform does all the work for you. It is supporting 36 Languages out of the box, so its perfect for global enterprises and busy IT Security Teams. 


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