15th of September, 2020 - 09.30 AM (CEST)

The only autonomous training platform that guarantees to transform security culture through data science and advanced automation.

Complete Workforce Training
Autonomous training platform continuously trains 100% of employees every month, year-round, using proven methodology and localized, customized content

Advanced Automation
Machine Learning-powered training selects and adjusts training to each employee, including adaptive difficulty level and frequency of training

Just in Time (JIT) Learning
Phishing simulations and short learning sessions in one integrative experience ensure learning ‘in the golden moment’ and eliminate friction with employees

Guarantees Results
Significant change in employee behavior towards cyber attacks: 83% reduction in Serial Clickers, 403% increase in employee resilience score

Cybeready’s fully managed solution ensures results yet eliminates IT effort, so you can dedicate valuable resources to other, more challenging tasks.

Customer Testimonials

“We train 40,000 employees in 65 locations and in 30 different languages. CybeReady’s training platform customizes and localizes the content on the fly, and the training continuously adapts to where employees are at in the learning curve, which has proven to generate a significant change in behavior''

“With a lean security team in place and employees in both corporate and industrial roles, we needed to find a way to engage all employees in the training program without taxing our team. CybeReady’s autonomous training platform runs by itself and trains 100% of the employees year-round with optimal results”

Available in 36 Languages

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